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Long time ago in Girah village lived an old woman. Her name was Calonarang. She was a powerful women and she had magical powers. Calonarang had a daughter named Ratna Mangali who was very beautiful. Yet, nobody wanted to marry her because they were afraid of her mother, who was known as a bad witch. One day Calonarang has over reacted and the people were worried about it. People asked the King about the problem and then the King told about it to Sri Bradah who was the elder of the village. On their meeting, Sri Bradah had an idea to married his student named Bahula to Ratna Mangali, and after that he could steal Calonarang’s book and then he would defeat her, because the book was her secret powers.
So, Sri Bradah meets Bahula to talk about his plan.

Bradah             : Good evening my son, Bahula
Bahula             : hey, good evening miss. What is going on?
Bradah             : Bahula, do you know Calonarang?
Bahula             : yeah of course I know, everybody knows about her
Bradah             : The king told me that she’s over reacted now. We have to defeat her.
Bahula             : But how???
Bradah             : yesterday, I talked with the king. We have a plan that you should get married         
to her daughter. So we can steal her secret book.
Bahula             : oh ya, that’s a great plan. But Calonarang’s daughter doesn’t know me, how
do I get her attention?
Bradah             : you just need to go to the river and meet her there, she always washes her
clothes there every morning,
Bahula             : that’s a good idea, when do I do it?
Bradah             : what about tomorrow morning. We have to do it immediately before the
situation gets worse.
Bahula             : okay, I’ll go to the river to fish tomorrow morning, and there I will meet
‘hmmmmm who’s her name?
Bradah             : Ratna Mangali,!!!
Bahula             : yeahh,, Ratna Mangali,,
Bradah             : please do a good job!
Bahula             : Yes miss,

The next day Bahula goes to the river where Ratna always does washing clothes and her sarongs, Bahula is very surprised to see how beautiful Ratna Mangali is.

Ratna               : nanana…….hmmm….
Bahula             : (whistling)………………………….. ohh what a beautiful morning today is,,
I hope that I can catch a lot of fish, (singing a bit) (he looks at Ratna and
asking permission to fish near her) Excuse me, may I fish here?
Ratna               : (looks at Bahula. She thinks that Bahula seems very nice and respectful) hmm
hmmm of course sir! This river is free for everyone.
Bahula             : Oh really, you are very kind. I’ve never met you before. Do you come from
around here?
Ratna               : yes sir, I come from Girah Village.
Bahula             : wow,, that’s my village too, I never knew that there is a beautiful woman in
Girah, may I know what’s your name?
Ratna               : hmmm thank you sir, but you’ve praised me too much. Don’t make me
become proud. hehe I’m Ratna, Ratna Mangali!
Bahula             : Ratna? What a beautiful name that is. I’m Bahula, and by the way, please
don’t call me sir! Call me Bahula. It’s better.
Ratna               : I’m sorry sir, oopss Bahula, Nice to meet you
Bahula             : oh, so nice to meet you too, Will I meet you again?
Ratna               : Of course sir! No worries. I’m always here every morning to wash, Bye.
Bahula             : bye, see you

Ratna leaves Bahula alone at the river.

Bahula             : oughh,, she is so beautiful, I never met a very beautiful woman on this village.

Unintentionally Ratna and Bahula are falling in love each other, and promise to meet at the river the next day.
After that, Bahula calls Sri Bradah and tells him to come to the river.

Bahula             : Oh yeah, I have to call my teacher to tell about this (he takes his phone)
Bradah             : (phone ringing, Bradah accepts the phone) hello,
Bahula             : Hello sir, It’s me Bahula, please come to the river, I have to tell you
Bradah             : okay my son wait. 5 minutes!
Bahula             : yes sir! (He puts the phone)

After that Bradah arrives in few minutes

Bradah             : hi, my son. What was happening? How did you do about getting Ratna
Mangali’s attention?
Bahula             : hmmmm I’ve just met her this morning sir,, and I think she is a beautiful
Bradah             : What do you mean? wow, don’t say that you like her?
Bahula             : yes teacher! I like her, I think she’s fine. She is not same as her mother, she is
a very kind women.
Bradah             : yeah it’s fine, nothing wrong with love, but don’t forget your mission!
Bahula             : of course I won’t forget it sir. But let me to marry her purely, not only
because of our mission. I really like her.
Bradah             : yeah as you like, I trust you.
Bahula             : thank you sir!
In the night time, Calonarang celebrates her black magic in the darkness and the situation becomes very scary.

Calonarang      : oughhhhhhhhh,, heighhhhhhhh,,heighhhhhhhhh,, om namayo, namayo
namayo,,(calonarang was screaming)xiii xiiiii xiiiii xiiiii xiiiii ,, huhuhuhu,,
hhuuuuuuhhhhh,, xixixixixiixxii

(calonarang is lost in the darkness)

In the kingdom, the king is playing Video Game, after that Calonarang comes to scare him. The king is confused. He feels like his ears are touched but there’s no one there. He is scared and runs away to his room.
The next day in the morning at the river, Ratna Mangali is concentrating on washing clothes when Bahula arrives

Bahula             : wow, wow, wow!
Ratna               : (surprised to hear Bahula) Bahulaa!!
Bahula             : What a lucky me, in this beautiful morning I meet a gorgeous woman, Thanks
be to the God
Ratna               : You gave me a shock!! Uhhhhh.
Bahula             : ouhh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to, how are you today Ratna? nice to meet
you again.
Ratna               : I’m good, and nice to see you here again, so that I’m not alone here.
Bahula             : (whispering himself) you won’t be alone anymore my Love, because I’ll
always be with you.
Ratna               : (heard a few words but unclearly) excuse me?? What did you say Bahula?
Bahula             : hahh?? No, I didn’t say anything, hmmm just admiring your pretty face,
Ratna               : ohhh,, You are so sweet, why are you so kind to me?
Bahula             : hmmm,, because, because I …
Ratna               : because what?
Bahula             : because I like you (surely answering and smiling to Ratna)
Ratna               : are you sure of this? (she is shock)
Bahula             : why are you looked so shocked? Is that wrong? Honestly I liked you the first
time I met you. Would you be my wife?
Ratna               : hmm, but I’m not sure that you’ll still love me after you know who my
mother is. Everyone hates her!
Bahula             : your mother?
Ratna               : yeah, Calonarang!
Bahula             : it doesn’t matter, I don’t care, the most important is I like you, and I hope
you like me too,
Ratna               : ohh Bahula, I don’t want to keep a secret, honestly I like you too, I really
want to be married with you, You are a very kind man. but……..
Bahula             : but what??
Ratna               : but you must ask my mother about that, and tell her about what you want to
do. Are you ready for that?
Bahula             : For you, I’ll do everything
Ratna               : thank you Bahula, thank you for loving me.

So, the next day Bahula goes to the village to meet Ratna and Calonarang.
(Bahula knocks on Calanorang’s door)

Bahula             : excuse me’’ ratna, ratna,, is anybody home?
Calonarang      : (open the door) what, what do you want?
Bahula             : I just want to meet Ratna, is she at home?
Calonarang      : what do you want from my daughter?
Bahula             : hmmmmm, like this, first I’m sorry for my impudence to come to your house,
Honestly, I like your daughter ma’am. I love her, I want to marry her,,
Calonarang      :hahahahahaha,, I appreciate your honesty to come here and ask me if you can
propose to Ratna. There’s no one has ever come here to do this.
Bahula             : I know that, Ratna has told me about that. I come here, because I am
convinced that I really love your daughter. May I marry her ma’am?
Calonarang      : I myself like you as a kind man, I’ll let you to marry Ratna if she agrees to it.
Ok, I’ll call ratna manggali to talk with you.

Calonarang goes to her daughter’s room to call her and soon Ratna comes out to meet Bahula.

Ratna               : (walking out from her room to meet Bahula)
Bahula             : (looking at Ratna who’s walking to see him) (smiling) Hi,,
Ratna               : Hi…hmmm what are you doing here? To see my mother haaa??? Hahahaaha
Bahula             :Ratnaaa.. I’ve come here for you. I’ve come for a purpose!
Ratna               : purpose? For what?
Bahula             : (held Ratna’s hands) Will you marry me? (looks at Ratna’s face)
Ratna               : get married?are you sure?
Bahula             : yes of course,,will you?
Ratna               : (nodding her head) yes!
Bahula             : yeahh (Happy)

After they agree to each other, Ratna and Bahula go to the castleand have a big party.

One day she became over reacted and wanted to kill someone.

Ratna               : I’m so sorry, I know that but what can I do? She is my mother, although I
don’t like her attitude either. I really want to change that, but what should I
Bahula             : I have an idea, and I need your help to do this, would you help me? Do you
know her secret magic book?
Ratna               : Yes I do,
Bahula             : we must to take that book that we can take her down’
Ratna               : Okay, I’ll support you. What if we steal the book this midnight while she is
Bahula             : that’s great idea, But what if we defeat her? She must die Are you ready for
Ratna               : honestly, I’m not ready for that. Even though she is a cruel woman, the fact
she is my mother. I love her.
Bradah             : I know that honey, It’s hard for you, I’m sorry to tell you about it
Ratna               : that’s fine, I will try to be ready if you have to defeat her, but promise me
don’t ever leave me. I don’t want to be alone.
Bahula             : That’s great, I promise you honey, I’ll spend my whole life with you.
Ratna               : Thank you honey.
Bahula             : Ok, Let’s take the book now!

So, that night Ratna and Bahula take the secret book. After that They go to Sri Bradah house.

Bahula             : Sri Baradah  here’s the magic book (he gives the magic book)
Bradah             : good job!
Bahula             : thank you, but you must say that to Ratna. Because ratna helped me to take
that book
Bradah             : okay, thank you Ratna’
Ratna               : you’re welcome. Please don’t hurt her too much, and may I stay here while
you do this. I don’t want to see it when my mother dies.
Bradah             : Okay Ratna, don’t worry. We will do the best way to defeat her. I’m so sorry
about this.Come on Bahula, let’s do it!
Bahula             : yes sir!

So, they go to Calonarang’s house and call Calonarang from the outside of the house.

Bradah             : calonarang come out! Let’s fight.
Calonarang      : what?, what do you want ? bahula? Ohh I know, two rebels come and want
To kill me. Oughhh I’m scared, come here, let me slice your mouth!

Calonarang looks for her book, but….

Calonarang      : wait, where is my book? Where is my magic book?(panic)
Bahula             : hahahaha you can’t do anything ma’am, your magic book is in my hand.
Calonarang      : what the matter with you? I thought that you’re a kind boy.
Bahula             : I must do this ma’am, sorry!
Calonarang      : hhuuaaaahahahahahahaha,, I’m going to kill you, and you’ll regret what
you’ve done today.
Bradah             : don’t talk too much, I’ll kill you first!

Bradah and Calonarang fight

Calonarang      : hahahahahaha,, you can’t kill me!!
Bradah             : shut up (pppssstststststhhhstt he kills calonarang)
Calonarang      : (bleeding) arrggghhhhh.

After that Calonarang is lost and only leaves her bloody sarong. She died.

Bradah             : ohhh,, where’s she? She just left this sarong my son. This sarong is full of
Bahula             : I’m so sorry mom, I’m so sorry to do this. I will look after Ratna forever,
don’t worry
Bradah             : I’m so sorry about this, but this is the best way that we have to do.
Bahula             : That’s fine sir, but where is Ratna? What should I say to her?
Bradah             : Don’t worry my son. Ratna will understand it. Okay, I’ll leave you alone here

Ratna comes to see her mother. She meets Empu Bradah on the way.

Ratna               : Sri Baradah  where is my mom?
Bradah             : Ratna…(he points to Bahula)
Ratna               : I’m so sorry mom. This is the best way for us, I love you.
Bahula             : (Trying to cheer up Ratna) my honey Ratna, I’m so sorry about this, I don’t
want to hurt you. I promise you I will always be here with you. I love you

Ratna doesn’t say anything, she’s still crying and hugs Bahula.
After the death of calonarang, everyone live happily, no one is worried.Bahula and Ratna live, love and respect each other. They have two sons and live in a small house near the palace.